Torrance Beach lies at the southern end of Los Angeles South Bay. The beach stretches one and a half mile and is wide open to wintertime Pacific Ocean swells. The Torrance shores provide beach-break waves, great for all kinds of surfing starting from beginner to advanced depending on the size of the swell. This makes it a must-go-to spot for any person looking to catch waves in the South Bay. Moreover, since Torrance is shrouded like the Los Angeles County’s sprawling coastline’s corner pocket, the crowd can be less frantic than other notable areas to the north such as El Porto and Malibu.

In short Torrance Beach is an exposed beach break that has lovely steady surf and can work any season of the year. This works well in offshore winds from the east. Groundswells more often than windswells and the best swell direction is from the west-northwest. Waves at the beach are mostly rights and best around high tide. However, the beach is often crowded thus you should always take care of the strong rips.

Surfing in Torrance

Every year suffers from all over the globe visit the coastal city attracted by the likelihood of a special memorable surfing experience that only the city can offer. Torrance has become a heart that promises exceptional adventure and excitement for an increasing number of international and local surfers.

Just like in any other location, benefiting from torrance beach surfing experience needs the capability to anticipate surfing and environmental conditions. For all great things it offers, Torrance has a propensity to be a bit fussy in consideration to wave and weather conditions. On any particular day, you could be surfing high on 5-foot swells for a long time, just to find yourself unexplainably in the middle of the calm sea that looks more like a lake than anything looking like a surfing playground. For this reason, as a surfer, you should always have an access to most accurate and reliable information before you make a trip to Torrance.

It is recommended that you take the full advantage of sites that offer up to the minute report and other information on surfing at Torrance Beach. Many sites use the latest technology to monitor and analyze surfing which helps surfers make better decisions about the surfing activities. With this information surfers in Torrance will have an insight into what they could expect when they visit the coast.

Strand Bike Trail in Torrance

Apart from beach surfing, Torrance beach also offers a strand bike trail for bike riding lovers. Moving out and enjoying the sunshine, zest air and the beautiful coastline by a bicycle on the strand beach bike path is one of the great entertaining things to do in Torrance. The strand bike trail begins at Torrance State Beach and goes all the way up to Will Rogers State Beach. It is a great 22-mile ride one-way path with several stops on the way to have a snack or a break.

Some people may confuse the strand with a boardwalk. However, the strand is not regarded as a boardwalk since it is not made using wood boards. Additionally, you can rent bikes which are available from local hotels and Marine Bike Rentals thus you do not have to come with your own bike especially if you come from a far place.