White Water Kayaking

There is a great way to take on the challenges of nature in a controlled environment without risking your life. This way is white water kayaking. …..

Kayaking is a sport practiced mostly in the summer because it involves water and getting wet in the process, which cannot be done in the freezing temperatures of the winter. However, if you live in a never-ending summer city, you can kayak all year round.

Learning Kayaking

It seem extremely easy to kayak at first but the truth is it does require the use of quiet a few technique and practice before you can kayak alone comfortably. You can learn kayaking by yourself but by attending a kayaking school you will ensure to learn and achieve the right approach to this sport.

Kayaking schools usually operate during the summer time to which I suggest you enroll in advance to ensure to have a confirmed seat. Kayaking schools are extremely busy during summer because that is the time when the sport is practiced the most.

Kayak Storage

If you are a professional or even remotely experienced kayaker, then you will know that there are many things that you need to take …..

Why Enroll In A Kayaking School

A kayaking school is recommended to all those who want to learn the sport’s techniques the right way and without facing any difficulties along the way. In a kayaking school you will learn kayaking gradually in different grades of waters, which will not put you at risk.

Remember that the nature and waters can be very tricky in what it appears and what it really is; during a water sport such as kayaking you can easily get caught in a current or rough waters, which can in turn injure you and/or even put your life in danger. In a kayaking school you will first approach the waters in groups and always with the instructor therefore you will always be safe while learning to right techniques and procedures for any given situation.

Kayaking school will not only teach you the essential techniques in kayaking you will also learn how to survive in water by yourself, how to provide first aid in kayaking related injuries and well as the essential accessories you must have with you at all times when kayaking.

Tips on Remaining Safe in Unsafe Waters

First and foremost, do not panic. A vast majority of the fishing kayaks made today are surprisingly stable. Stop your mind from racing and take a look at your surroundings. Set a course on your GPS, compass, waterproof bags and other gears and start paddling.

Try to avoid tracking straight into waves, regardless of whether they are running with or against you. This is never the smoothest course and oftentimes can get you into trouble.

Direct the yak in a 15-45 degree angle to the wave direction. This will allow for a smoother ride back and avoid getting soaked or even worse, flipped. Furthermore, this will prevent the kayak from dropping off the top portion of the wave (crest) and barreling into the next oncoming wave at the lowest point (trough).

Speed is also a very important factor in navigating difficult water conditions. The goal is to paddle fast enough without leaving the water when crossing the next wave. Try to ensure your approaches are as smooth as possible both on the ascent and descent of the wave.

If you are paddling in with a strong wind to your back, as I was in the story described above, try to avoid riding the waves in the same direction as the water flow. A large enough swell can lift the stern of your boat and either flip you immediately or turn your yak, thus leaving you exposed on a 90 degree angle for the next oncoming wave. In dangerous conditions, this is a recipe for disaster.

Keep in mind, by taking the “angled” approach to paddling with or against treacherous waves, you may be forced to track away from your destination, This will result in a longer paddle back to port and you might find yourself a good distance from where you need to go. But once you are close enough to shore and the conditions rescind, the extra distance you´ll be forced to paddle will be safer and less frantic.

If you have a VHF, periodically check the weather report. As many of you know, especially those who fished Jamaica Bay this year (2006), conditions can turn on a dime. It only takes a couple of seconds to perform this task and will ensure a safe return to the launch.

Mother nature has a way of sneaking up on all of us. Sooner or later, every reader of this article will get caught in a meteorological situation that was not expected. The key is to be prepared for the worst and use the knowledge that you have to ensure a safe return home.


Kayaking is enjoyed by people of all ages who are energetic and adventurous. However, most people overlook one very important factor …..

Enrolling in a kayaking school this summer will provide you with both knowledge and adventure at the same time so you can take a kayaking trip next year with your family and friends and be as competitive as they are or even better.

Learn a great sport this year, keep in shape and have fun at the same time with kayaking, better still get in to kayaking school with some friends or family members and make it even more enjoyable.