Types of Travel Bags

You will find various types of surfboard travel bags available on the market. Before you purchase any one, you should be aware of the characteristics of each type of bag. Read on below to know about the different types of bags:

Board Socks

A board sock is a lightweight bag that protects the board from sun damage and scratches. The soft material makes it ideal for fitting a board of any shape. You can conveniently carry your board in a board sock as it easily fits in the back of your car.

surfboard travel bag sock

Moreover, board socks are found in eight sizes and two shapes for longboards, shortboards, and mid-length. A board sock offers additional protection for the nose of the board as it is the most fragile part of the board.


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Easily washed and has proper ventilation that rids the bag of extra moisture
  • Easy to carry as it does not occupy much space
  • Economical
  • It comes in different sizes and shapes


  • Difficult to get the board in and out of the bag

Padded 10mm bag

These bags are great if you plan on going on a long journey carrying along more than one surfboard. They provide maximum protection with a 10mm padding, allowing you to conveniently carry your surfboards.

padded 10mm surfboard bag

The robust bag comes with pockets to keep accessories safe. Moreover, they are suitable for storing boards that are otherwise lying around in the garage. They are easy to carry with comfortable carry handles.


  • Can fit more than two boards
  • Robust material
  • Ideal for long trips
  • The 10mm foam pad provides maximum protection to the board
  • Comfortable to carry around


  • Heavier than other bags

Things to Consider When Buying A Surfboard Bag

When purchasing any product, it is imperative to keep a few factors in mind to ensure that you make a smart purchase decision. No one wants to end up buying a product that does not serve the purpose. Similarly, when looking for a surfboard bag, bear in mind some key factors that make a bag ideal for use. We have discussed some key features of a surfboard bag below:

Bag Shape

Previously, there were only longboard and shortboard bag models. There was not much to choose from when choosing the shape of the bag. Now, you will find bags available in various shapes. These include a funboard bag, shortboard bag, fish bag, hybrid bag, and longboard bag.

These bag models have different shapes that fit the board of varying shapes. The purpose of having so many bag models is to provide the right fit for your board.

Fish, funboard, and hybrid boards are broad and have a wide nose, which would not fit into a standard shortboard bag. Therefore, the hybrid/fish/funboard bags are designed to fit boards with a wide nose and broad structure.

So, measure your board’s dimensions before you go looking for a bag.

Bag Sizes

Look for a bag that is rightly sized for your board to fit in. To get the right size of the bag, you must know the length of your board. Align the size of your board with the size of the bag, and you will be able to pick the perfect bag for your board.

The board must slip in the bag easily and should not float around in the bag. If you find your board floating around in the bag, then know that it is not the right fit. On the contrary, if the bag hardly fits the board, it means that the bag is too small.

Besides, most bags have the same size as the board. So, for a 6’7″ board, a 6’7″ board bag would be ideal. The bag is designed in a way that provides sufficient space without requiring you to purchase a larger bag. However, get a bigger bag if your board is between two available bag sizes.

Does Your Surfboard Fit Into The Bag?

Make sure that the length and width of the bag coincide with your surfboard. If the bag is smaller than your surfboard, you will have to struggle with fitting your board into the bag. Consequently, it might damage your board.

Furthermore, check the width and length of the bag before deciding to purchase one. The length of the bag indicates what size of the board it will fit. For example, a 6’0″ bag is suitable for a 6’0″ board. However, some bags have additional inches for extra space. Thus, a 6’0″ surfboard bag may fit a 6’2″ board. But we would not recommend you to go for a smaller bag.

For the width, choose a bag that is wide enough to accommodate a wide board. Make sure that the board does not float inside the bag as that may cause damage. It is recommended to get a surfboard bag a little longer than the board, especially if you travel frequently. It allows you to add extra padding in the bag if you are flying, keeping the board safe.

Guide to Choose Surfboard Travel Bag