Changing into a swimsuit on the beach is a bit of a hassle. The changing rooms are either occupied or too far away. Changing out in the open is no option either due to privacy issues. But wearing a surfer poncho not only covers the body for easy changing but also acts as a towel and a windbreaker hence proving to be quite useful.

Key Features to Consider

A few determining features can affect the suitability of your poncho to a great extent. Therefore, one must always remain mindful of these when making the purchase to get the most comfortable and useful fit.


The first thing you need to consider is the material of your surf poncho. The material should be soft, absorbing, comfortab1le, and durable. If your poncho is fabricated out of material that is harsh against your skin, then it may cause a few problems. A surfer’s skin gets somewhat sensitive during surfing and needs a soft towel for drying off. In case a rough material is used, it may cause redness on the body.

surf poncho

Secondly, it should be comfortable and warm to wear. Right out of the water, the body temperature of the surfer drops. A warm and inviting poncho can help prevent catching a cold. Cotton and microfiber are a popular choice.


Another very important feature is the waterproofing of the poncho. While it should absorb the water from your body, it must also act as a barrier between the water from the surrounding and your body. If the poncho is not waterproof, it will get wet from all your gear as you get out of the water and not fulfill its purpose. As long as it stays dry, it insulates body heat and also acts as an effective windbreaker. Usually, a waterproof shell covering the surface of the poncho serves the purpose.

Weight and Size

Being soft and comfortable does not mean that your poncho should be heavy to wear. It should be easy to carry without taking up too much space or adding considerable weight to your cargo. As far as the size is concerned, a poncho is meant to cover you from your neck to below your knees. It is either half sleeved or quarter sleeved. Ideally, the poncho should reach just below your knee, providing enough length for you to change outside into your swimsuit without compromising on privacy.

Best Poncho: Parallaxx All Weather Surf Poncho

The Parallax All-weather Surf Poncho is a great option for surfers and other water sport enthusiasts. It combines many useful features together to make a great poncho for staying warm and changing easily.

Made with 100% cotton, the poncho feels very soft and comfortable against the skin. Pure cotton material is used for making it, which eliminates the chances of surfers getting a rash from their ponchos. Because no other material is mixed with cotton, the poncho feels very soft against the skin and does not cause any irritations.

parallax surf poncho

Surrounding the cotton of the poncho is a durable nylon shell. Nylon keeps the water from the surroundings from wetting the cotton inner. As a result, even if you’re sitting among wet gear or within reach of waves, you will stay warm and dry. The Nylon shell also acts as a windbreaker and prevents the wind from passing through the poncho.

This poncho by Parallaxx is longer than the usual designs. It is 110 cm long compared to the conventional poncho length of 95 cm. The longer size is very useful for taller people who struggle to find the right size. When worn, the poncho reaches below the knees and allows for changing into or out of swimsuits with ease on the beach.

The poncho has one big pocket located at the abdominal level. It can easily house your snorkel or other small gear while you are wearing the poncho. You can also access your swimsuit from the pocket, which is much easier than moving arms in and out of the sleeves. A hood is added to the design as well. When you put the hood on, it absorbs the water from your head and prevents constant dripping. The hood also keeps the head warm and protects it from the cold breeze.


  • Soft cotton material provides comfort
  • A user-friendly design with pockets and a hood
  • Two sizes to provide the perfect to men and women
  • Perfect size for changing easily on the beach
  • Waterproof Nylon shell keeps the water out


  • Slightly narrow armholes
Best Surf Ponchos Choosing Guide