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Year round in sunny Cocoa Beach, Florida – the Cocoa Beach Surf Camp offer private surfing lessons, group surfing lessons, corporate surfing lessons, surf clinics, surf events and more to women and men of all ages and skill levels. During the summer months we even hold an all ages summer surf camp. Other places we teach surf lessons in Florida include: Satellite Beach, Melbourne, and Indialantic.    2019 SUMMER CAMP – 2019 ON THE WAY!

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Cocoa Beach Is Where Florida Surfing Begins!

Each years thousands of individuals and families flock to Cocoa Beach to experience surfing for the first time. We wonder why that is..? Could it be the gentle waves that are perfect for learning on and can be found year round? Is it the brilliant morning sunrises that can make waking up at 6:00am worthwhile? Or maybe it is the laid back atmosphere that Cocoa Beach is known for that so many people like. What ever draws people to this special place keeps bringing them back year after year. Now is the time to discover for yourself what makes this place so magical and why it is one of the greatest places in Florida to experience your first wave!

Welcome to the Cocoa Beach Surf Camp New Online Betting Sites

Why Cocoa Beach Surf Camp?

  • Instructor Staff Has A Combined 40 Years + Of Teaching And Surfing Experience
  • Top Notch Surf Instructors
  • Consistent Year Round Surf – Awesome!
  • We Teach From Beginner To Advanced
  • Our Staff Is Has Experience Teaching People Of All Ages And Skill Levels

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